Fashion Lewk of the Week: TBT to An Event

Let’s throw it back to July 2018. I wore this to my aunt’s 80th birthday party (if she sees her age on here she’ll give me boche). Bare with me when it comes to the fashion lewks because I know my posing and facial expression sucks, but its fine, everything’s fine.

dog meme

I already warned you in my update post that you’ll be seeing a lot of casual looks, but I don’t want to hit you with that just yet. Let me give you something on the nicer side first, so that y’all don’t get tired of me so quickly. I’m almost positive that you’ll be seeing casual looks most of the time. Let’s be different for now.

The attire was cocktail. Most of my these types of family events are cocktail attire unless it’s in someone’s house then it’s a bit more casual. This dress is actually one of my favorite dresses because it’s fun and more colorful than I normally wear, but it’s not too much out of my comfort zone. I like to stick to dark plain colors, but once in a while, I like some vibrant like this awesome floral pattern.

This was before my latest haircut by the way. My hair is usually done for events, but I didn’t have time to get it done before so I decided to work with a low messy bun. I thought it gave the dress a nice look. I accessorized with a small patent leather purse and a paired the dress with my favorite red heels. Although other heels go nicely with the dress, I find that these red heels really bring out the red in the flowers.

Here’s the lewk. I will provide links to where I bought the items if possible, but not links to the actual item itself.


Dress: Vince Camuto from Nordstrom Rack

Shoes: Guess from DSW

Purse: Vera Bradley (gift)

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