Makeup Lewk of the Week: Glowy

I know I’ve been slacking on these after I did my first one. Hopefully, I can figure out a schedule on when to write it. For this week, the focus is skin, because you probably won’t see me post much about it. That part of my makeup doesn’t change often. I’ll post again if I’m trying out a new product. Other than that, there isn’t much variation.

This is my go-to skin lewk. I love to look glowy and dewy. I’m not a fan of doing a completely matte look because, with my dry skin, a matte skin finish can really accentuate those dry patches. She likes to look pretty, not like dry toast.

When I’m in a rush, I have this skin makeup routine down pact to about 5 minutes, which is great when I don’t have time in the morning, or I just want more sleep. Anyway without further babble here is my skin routine. Like always, I will provide links if possible. Also, the image is unfiltered and unedited so that you can see what’s up.



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