Fashion Lewk of the Week: On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Funny story. I actually had a whole other post to kick off Fashion Lewk of the Week, but then I remembered that October 3rd was this week…on a Wednesday. If you’re a Mean Girls fan like me, then you already know how excited I was for this week.

Another funny story. I actually don’t like the color pink. I like very specific shades of pink, like blush or a dusty pink, but you will never ever catch me in something bright pink…unless it’s my socks. However, for October 3rd that’s on a Wednesday this year I have to wear pink or I can’t sit with you.

I borrowed the sweater from my aunt and made a lewk. This outfit is super comfy, and a bit out of my comfort zone. Also the sweater is very very warm. I barely wear light colored tops. I live in NY, it wasn’t cold enough for this sweater, but I committed. I paired it with some ripped blue jeans and slip-on sneakers.

Here’s my On Wednesdays We Wear Pink lewk. I will be posting the makeup I did for this lewk later this week for Makeup Lewk of the Week.

  • Top: NICOPANDA collab with MAC Cosmetics
  • Bottoms: Gap
  • Shoes: Aldo

Did you dress up for Mean Girls Day? What did you wear? Let me know in the comments.

Stay Vampy.

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