New Blog Posts are Coming!

I have some new ideas that I really want incorporate into this blog. I’m kinda writing this post to hold myself accountable because I’m just procrastinating on executing these ideas at this point. First things first, I want to post multiple times a week instead of  just posting once a week. I know, I know I don’t actually post once a week, but I think that lately I’ve gotten better.

Instead of posting once a week, I want to post two to three times a week. It will mostly be only twice, but the third time will come into play when I upload a review, or some other topic like health and lifestyle. I hope to incorporate more of health and lifestyle because I find that these topics highly relate to beauty.

So I will be introducing two different posts every week, “Fashion Lewk of the Week” and “Makeup Lewk of the Week.” I hope to include different looks in both fashion and makeup while staying true to my style. You will not be seeing a fashion look with high heels just because, unless of course I felt like wearing it. I have more a causal/ athleisure type style while mostly wearing dark colors. I love a good bootie and a good sneaker. Same thing applies to the makeup posts. Don’t expect some crazy creative look all the time. I like practical “wearable” makeup (although all makeup is technically wearable).

For the fashion posts, I will be posting different looks that I wear for your inspiration or just if you like things in general. What you’ll notice with my fashion posts, is that you’ll see the same item style different ways or styled the same, but with different outfits. I’m the type of person that likes having basics and just wearing them different ways. As much as I like fast fashion, I don’t like shopping often. I would rather just own timeless pieces. You will also be seeing a lot of casual outfits. I will throw on legging, a t-shirt, and sneakers with a full face of makeup. I’m that person.

For the makeup posts, I think I’m just going to focus on whatever aspect of the makeup is highlighted. I won’t be giving full makeup details because my base is usually always the same. The only thing that will change sometimes is blush, bronzer, and highlighter. For the most part I always use the same brow product, same foundation, same concealer, same setting powder, same mascara…you get the idea. What will change will be eyes and lips. I don’t have an insane makeup collection, but I’ll be using the same palette in different ways. Therefore sometimes, the post will just be about the eyes, or just about the lips.

To be completely transparent here, I don’t know how much I’ll like doing these posts, but I want to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. I’ll be learning as I go along, so be patient with me. Feel free to give me suggestions and ideas. Ask me to try out certain looks. I’m open to it. Maybe I’ll even incorporate other bloggers and celebrities and talk about their styles for the week. You can start now.

Stay Vampy.

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