I Splurged on Skincare…

Hi, I’m The Boho Vamp and I have a skincare problem. I love to buy skincare. A lot of it.

So recently my aunt told me about Adam Ellis’ Instagram story on skincare. For those of you who don’t know who Adam is, he is a comic creator who used to work for Buzzfeed. Also, he tweeted his experience with a personal haunting known as “Dear David.”

Anyway, the times that Adam posts selfies, his comment section is always flooded with questions about his skincare routine. After many questions, he posted everything he uses on his IG story. His routine is so extensive that a skincare aficionado like myself thought it was great. In his posts, he mentioned several products from brand The Ordinary.

I personally had never heard of them myself, but he mentioned that it was quality products for a low price. He posted things like a peeling mask (which I admit I’m terrified of) and hyaluronic acid. I mentioned in my previous skincare post that I was look for anti aging beauty products. I know that hyaluronic acid is good thing for anti aging and I was really excited to check them out.

Well I went on the The Ordinary’s website…and I fell in love with what was offered…and I splurged on skincare. I noticed that they had recommended regimens. 2 of the regimens that I was interested in was the general signs of aging and the regimen for dehydration. I took a screenshot of what they were so that I wouldn’t forget what I was looking for.

When I checked out the individual products, I was shocked at how affordable it was. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t use drug store products because my skin develops an allergy to it quickly. This, however, seemed like quality products for an affordable price.

So now I mention that I  splurged (twice), I bought both regimens. That’s something I never do without trying samples (Sample Queen here). I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try out these regimens for a reasonable price. Honestly the most expensive item cost about $14. I’m used to paying at least $25 for just 1 moisturizer. I spent a total of $61 with both regimens plus tax and shipping and handling.


I’ve been using them for about 2 weeks now, and so far I’m loving it. I’m routine is a lot more extensive now compared to my previous post. However, I want to spend a bit more time using it before I give you a review of both regimens. I’ll be following up with you guys soon.

Have you ever splurged on skincare? What was the most expensive thing you bought? Tell me about it in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe and/or follow so that you can get updates the second I post. Also make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @thebohovamp.

Stay Vampy.

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