Pen for Eyebrows?!

I received the new Benefit Cosmetics Brow Contour Pro from Influenster to give a honest review. It looks like a pen. I mean an actual pen looking product. Do you remember those click pens that came with 4 different colors? I don’t know about you, but I was the kid that tried to push down all the colors at once. Anyway back to the point…that’s exactly what this pen looks like. It has 4 different push down colors to fill, define, and highlight your brows. The colors consist of (in my case) a lighter brown shade, a brown-black shade, a defining shade, and a highlight shade.

Here’s a boomerang to show you what it looks like.


When I received this, I super excited because it had just launched the same day I received it. Aside from it being a brand new product, I thought that it was so innovative that you had all the products you needed to fill, define, and highlight all in one single pen. I’m not one to do all of those things because I never really define my brows. I only do it when I’ve made a mistake.

The pen comes in a total of 5 different shades for different skin tones, the lightest being blonde light, and the darkest brown-black deep. I am in the shade brown-black light. I tried this product a total of 3 different times–once with foundation, and twice without. The reason for that is that 2 of those times, I thought I used the product incorrectly. After the 3rd and final time I came to my conclusion, which I will get into a little bit later. Feel free scroll down  to the last paragraph for my final thoughts.

The first time I tried out this pen I had on a base. I thought that I should follow my regular routine, which is base first–foundation, concealer, and setting powder. I then move onto my brows. You start with the lighter brown shade to fill in the front of your brow, then move on to the darker brown-black shade for the tail. Once doing that, you move on to define, blend that out, and finally highlight, which you also blend out.

I did not like it at all the first time I tried it. I felt that it wasn’t pigmented enough. I’m use to my brow products being very pigmented with a little bit going a long way. Aside from that, when it came to define and highlight, it seemed to be removing my foundation and causing streaks. I also thought the product was incredibly hard. It felt like, I was scratching at my brows rather than filling them in. I figured it was hard because it was the first time I had used it, some pencils are weird like that.

I decided to try it again this time doing my eyebrow first, before putting on my base. I thought that by doing this it would cause less streaks, and that the product would be a little softer since it was its second use.  It still left streaks and was still hard.

By the second used, I had decided that I wasn’t a fan of the product at all and would be sticking to Precisely, My Brow. Then I saw Kirbie Johnson’s video on POPSUGAR on how to use the pen. Now I’m normally the type of person who reads the instructions to everything, but for some reason I didn’t with this. In the video Kirbie explained that once you click the color you twist the bottom of the pen to release more product. At this point I was like well I didn’t use it like that, so I probably was barely getting anything and just scratching at my brows. At that point, I really thought I was a dumbass.

So I decided to try it for a 3rd and final time. Again I decide to do my brows before my base because I was worried about it causing streaks. I went ahead and tried it, making sure to twist the pen so that more product could come out. 3rd time’s the charm right? Wrong. Still super hard and not pigmented. I even tried it on the back of my hand to make sure it wasn’t my eyebrow hairs somehow getting in the way. I felt like I was scratching the back of my hand, and again barely any product showing.

Basically, I did not like the Benefit Cosmetics Brow Contour Pro. I don’t see myself ever using it or reaching for it. I could have gotten over the pigmentation if the product itself didn’t feel so hard. I’m wondering if maybe I got a defective product based off of Kirby’s video. In her video, the pen was pigmented, and it didn’t look like she was struggling to apply it. This product was just not for me and I’ll stick to my regular brow products.

Have you tried the Benefit Brow Contour Pro? How did it go for you? Let me know in the comments.

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Stay Vampy.

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