Tangle Angel Brush Review

Just so you know, I consider hair to be a part of the beauty world. I personally always think of my hair when doing a makeup look and overall outfit–not that I change my hair style often. I’ve categorized this post with beauty product review. I’ll create a hair category once I have more hair things to talk about.

For all of my fellow curly friends, y’all know that detangling your hair can be a MISERABLE experience and most annoying thing to do. I don’t brush my hair at all when it’s curly because I will end up with a frizzy triangled shaped fro. I hate detangling my hair. After going from extremely long hair to a pixie cut to about medium length hair, I have become VERY tender headed. I can’t use a comb to detangle my hair, I have to use a brush.

One of my best friends suggested the funniest looking brush ever–the Tangle Angel. I was like “that brush looks so corny.” She told me that it’s really good and affordable. You can find it in about any color you want on Amazon for as little as $7.33. Y’all know Amazon can be a bit annoying, so there are different prices points. I think mine was about $10. Here’s what it looks like.





I didn’t try my friend’s brush because I didn’t trust her. She has thinner hair than me and usually has it straight. I should trust her though. She does hair and nails, and wouldn’t steer me wrong. Here’s her Instagram page if you want to check her out.  My aunt tried her brush loved it and bought me one because she said it was amazing (she has corse hair). Even as I was about to try this brush, I was skeptical af. The bristles just looked too thin and soft for me. I was like “no way is this shit going to work.”

This is what my hair looked like before detangling.

Even using the brush I was still skeptical. My train of thought went as follows:

“This ain’t gonna work.”

“The bristles feel like their bending.”

“These bitches only like this brush because it has angel wings. They always want to try the weirdest looking things.”

“I’m actually working through my hair a lot faster than usual. I still don’t trust it.”

“Is this thing even getting all the knots? I feel like it’s just brushing the outside of my hair.”

“This isn’t that painful.”

“Wow this was fast.”

Despite detangling my hair faster than I ever have, I STILL did not trust this brush. Honestly I’m so use to feeling pain, that I just couldn’t bring myself to trust a brush that caused little pain. I took my regular Con-Air brush to see if the Tangle Angel really got all of my knots. I braced myself and just brushed my hair from root to tip, and I was really surprised that it went smoothly with no knots. The Tangle Angel worked really well.

I was really impressed when I used the brush in the shower after washing my hair. I always detangle before washing with dry hair and again in the shower after washing with conditioner. My hair tangles easily, even when straight. The brush detangled my hair super fast and I didn’t feel any pain. Detangling my hair in the shower with the Tangle Angel is was what made me finally fall in love with this brush.

What are your thoughts on this brush? Would you try it? What do you detangle your hair with? Let me know in the comments.

Stay Vampy,

The Boho Vamp

UPDATE: I used this brush in the shower, without untangling my hair beforehand while curly. It was just as great to use. I actually think I liked it better because it was painless compared to untangling when dry.

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