Foundation Review: Frankie Rose Cosmetics

Let’s start with a little bit of background about the brand. Frankie Rose Cosmetics launched back in 2013 after Co-Founder Sarah Udink couldn’t find a foundation for sensitive and eczema prone skin. She couldn’t find a brand that wouldn’t irritate her skin. Udink decided to start her own brand in which the product could provide flawless full coverage that felt weightless without causing irritation. The Matte Perfection Foundation claims to be for all skin types from oily to sensitive skin that is full coverage, yet feels lightweight.


I first heard of Frankie Rose Cosmetics via Jen_ny69 on Instagram. My aunt bought us some samples in different shades so that we could find a match to our skin tone. I’m not one who is usually excited about trying new foundations because they are always a total hit or miss for me. However, I was intrigued on trying it after learning that it’s for sensitive and eczema prone skin. I do have eczema breakouts on my face during the winter when my skin is at it’s driest.

I tried it for the first time for a wedding (super risky) back in October 2016. As far as first impressions go, I was super impressed with the coverage and how well it wore throughout the night. I danced pretty much all night, and it held very well. By the time I got home, I didn’t look cakey at all. In fact, I thought my makeup still looked pretty fresh. That doesn’t always happen with foundation.

Now that I have the foundation in a bottle, it’s way easier to see the consistency of the product compared to when squeezing it out of a little of packet. I apply liquid foundations by using my finger to create dots all over my face and then blending with a brush or beauty sponge. In order for me to love a foundation it has to pass my signature look test. That means only four – five products: foundation, eyebrows, mascara, and lipstick topped off with setting spray. Absolutely no setting powder, or concealer, or contour. Here’s my checklist:

  • Application- from blendibility to how much coverage it actually is
  • How it dries (Do I need to set with powder?)
  • How my skin feels immediately after drying (Does it feel heavy?)
  • How it wears throughout the day
  • How much does my face crease

Application: I was so surprised at the application of this foundation. The foundation is thick, but it went on very smooth. Blended nicely and easily. Like it promises, it is FULL coverage. I know a foundation is full coverage when it hides my small pimples and my dark under eye circles. I have crazy under eye circles. I always look like with one of those classic vampires with pale skin and dark eye circles. My dark circles are no joke, and this foundation covered those bad girls up.

How it dries: The site claims that is goes on with a satin finish and dries matte. The claims are absolutely true. This foundation is MATTE. Like, it’s matte. No question about it. Next to MAC’s Studio Fix foundation, it is the mattest foundation I’ve ever used. I do not have to set this powder in order to get it matte. Actually, I don’t have to worry about setting powder at all.

How my skin feels immediately after drying: Despite going on thick and being full coverage, it doesn’t feel heavy at all. This foundation is sorcery. For a full coverage foundation, it feels incredibly lightweight. It left me feeling like I didn’t have anything on my face.

How it wears throughout the day: It wears wonderfully. Stays all day without the need to set it with a setting powder. It doesn’t fade away like some foundations, and it stays matte all day. No oiliness or blotting of any kind.

How much does my face crease: It barely creased. I always crease on underneath my eyes and around my mouth. There was little to no creasing around my mouth. For the first time in a while, I didn’t develop parentheses around my mouth. There was little creasing under my eyes and on my eye lids, but it was only noticeable when you got all up in my face.

Here are pictures of what my face looked like right before I took off my makeup. I applied the foundation at 6pm and removed it at around 12am. If you don’t feel like that was enough time, I went to with my bff to order her bridesmaid dress for my wedding where I tried on my wedding dress again. The store is very warm, and I had layers on, so I did sweat a bit. I also went out to dinner right after.

Close up with glasses.
Close up with no glasses.

As you can see from the last picture, I had creasing on my eyelids. I expected that because I didn’t set this with powder. Also, there is no filter in the pictures other than enhancing the image quality. As a last note, I would say this foundation does have a slight flashback. For Valentine’s day, I took pictures with the flash and saw that my face looked lighter compared to my neck and chest. However, in bright lighting the foundation does match to my skin perfectly. I’m in the shade Vintage; a shade with warm neutral undertones.

If you’re interested in trying this foundation yourself, you can purchase a sample set from Frankie Rose Cosmetics for $3, or you can purchase a full size bottle for $32. This foundation definitely made my list of top favorite foundations.

Do you have any foundation suggestions for dry skin? What’s your favorite foundation? Let me know in the comments.

Stay Vampy,

The Boho Vamp

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