Mini Makeup Review

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So can you guess by the title that I’m going to review this amazing drugstore mascara by Revlon? It’s the Ultimate All-In-One Mascara in black. The first thing that I always do when I get a new makeup product is open it, and like the weirdo that I am, examine it. My first impression when looking at it, just looking at the wand, I was honestly skeptical. The wand is super tiny. I mean like tiny tiny. Like smaller than a spoolie. I immediately thought that it wasn’t going to do much for my lashes, but I wanted to try it anyway. I was pleasantly surprised.

I put in one of my Instagram posts (you can follow me there @thebohovamp) that the wand is tiny, but mighty. The small wand makes it easy to pack on the mascara, giving you longer and fuller lashes. The more you pack it on the the more intense your lashes look, but that’s a given with any mascara. I mostly use this when I’m doing very minimal makeup, because I don’t want to waste a pricier mascara on an everyday look. One tip that I learned from watching Youtuber Jaclyn Hill, is that this small wand is perfect for using it on your lower lashes if your other mascara wand is too big for them. On one final note, unlike some other drugstore mascara, this one does not flake as the day passes. It will only flake if you accidentally rub your eye.

To wrap this up, I highly recommend this inexpensive mascara if you don’t want to spend money on a high end brand, but don’t want to lose quality. The price will vary depending on what drugstore you go to. Keep a lookout on those drugstore sales, so that you can save some $$$$.

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Stay vampy,

The Boho Vamp


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