Step into My World

Like I have in my description, I’m not your average beauty and fashion blogger. I want my looks to encourage you to be yourself and break the rules. I see so many other blogs and online articles that tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing beauty or fashion wise. My motto is to misbehave and find what works for me.

That being said, I will be posting my beauty and fashion looks. I’m not going to lie, a lot of the time, my beauty looks will be really similar with a change in liner and lip. Why? Because I don’t like to do a full face of makeup all the time. I like to save those bomb ass looks for random occasions because I like to have that wow factor. I will, however, tell you my thoughts on the products that I’m using–kind of like a review. When I try a new beauty product for the first time, I sit here and realize analyze the product–from its look down to how it feels. Like one of my makeup gurus said, I become one with the product.

I often do the same with my outfits. I’m not skinny. I’m in that weird in between where I’m not plus size, but have a hard time shopping at a lot of clothing stores. Long story short, I’m super picky with my clothes. My everyday style, is mostly causal. I swear religiously by sneakers, and I wear a lot of dark colors. On cooler days you will always find me in my Denim & Supply vegan leather jacket, a staple in my closet.

Anyway, I hope that this blog inspires you to find your inner boho vampy self.

The Boho Vamp

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